Canberra Mapping Party 2 (Haiti Edition)

Welcome! It is my pleasure to announce Canberra Mapping Party 2 (Haiti Edition). Canberra is endowed with an unusually high density of GIS and Mapping professionals. Yet many of them are unaware of OpenStreetMap (OSM). As the word gets around about the remarkable coverage and quality of data contained in OSM the interest grows. However, a lot of the data in OSM is there by the efforts of non-GIS/Mapping professionals collected in the spirit of sharing geographic data and having fun doing it. OSM is a case of technology coming together with the collective good will of humanity. It is therefore in the same spirit of sharing that I have requested any GIS professionals planning to attend this event who are likely to use the skills in their work consider donating $2 for Haiti Red Cross Appeal. This money will be donated to the Red Cross Haiti Appeal


Canberra Mapping Party 2 (Haiti Edition): Mapping parties are family friendly social events where anyone interested in learning about mapping their local communities can join in. To create the maps we use the tools from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. The OSM project was started back in 2005 to help a couple of Londoners plan their evening walks. Due to the lack of free street level data they decided they would use their local knowledge to map their city. Today OpenStreetMap data is being used to deliver life saving information to emergency responders during natural disasters such as Haiti. Here are a couple of examples:

Apart from the serious applications of mapping – mapping your local communities is fun! Check out some of best OSM maps: BestOfOSM To get a better grasp of OSM think Wikipedia for maps. For details on what we plan to do and what you need to bring please read: Mapping Party


20th March 2010 from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM.


Australian Botanic Gardens (Meet Opposite Cafe). Lovely place. Map

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Note for Expert OSMrs: If you are an expert OSMr then please let me know. As we go through the day we will need to split into smaller groups with at least one expert per group to assist the novices. Look fwd to seeing you soon.

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